Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Another good day. We had Tom B. Ron E. Dave. D., Steve A., Myself and Our partner father Jeremy.

The task for the day was drywalling and progress continues. The north upstairs bedroom is nearly complete and the ceiling above the stairs is complete.  We started the stairway walls and the hallway ceiling.

The main task for tomorrow is to complete the north bedroom and the halway and stairs. Because of the difficulty in reaching these areas progress is slower then desired. We build a support system to reach these areas and used the 2×10 and 12 long pieces to act as the deck for doing this work.

The bathrooms and will be next to do.

Steve was able to identify the use for the coiled electric line. It is for a dish washer if the partner family wants to add one at a later date. Bill, we need instructions if an electric box is required to be added or do we just leave the wire coiled in the cavity between the studs.

I believe we will be finished drywalling by Friday and am concerned about having adequate work for the Saturday crew. 

Will update status on this subject by Thursday


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