Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Volunteers today included Bob G., Ron E., Tom B., Dave D., and myself.  Bob called me early as his key would not work the pod and I stayed the day.


Ron framed four side entry panels for the upstairs front and rear bedrooms.  These panels will enable insulation to be blown into the knee walls.  Bill came out at noon and gave us some direction on this.   Insulation was reinstalled and taped.

Dave foamed areas until we were out of product.

All of us worked on completing the remaining bats of insulation and then taping.  The bathroom and stairs presented some challenges.   Taping is not complete, but should be before the inspector arrives tomorrow afternoon.  Tim stopped by at the end of the day and I told him to schedule the inspection.

To Do:

Complete taping and pass inspection.  No one is signed up for tomorrow, but Tom and Dave are going to try to come out tomorrow morning.

As we think about drywall, we need to keep on the “to do” list the siding on the front of the porch and the metal on the porch supports  (brake required).

Bob Duplain

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