Tuesday, June 19, 2018

It was a hot and humid day on site today, but it felt great to get our house started.

Johnny is still working on the block….main house is complete, but porch and garage being completed.  Johnny’s work looks great.

Outside contractor sprayed the house walls with tar in prep for pushing dirt back up against the walls.

Bob Swab, Hank Baust, Ken Enneking, Rick Iaacobucci, Al Riestenberg, Tom Bishop, Tim (Habitat) and myself were on site.   Insulation panels were installed on all house walls; sill plates were installed on outside walls and inside columns.  Tomorrow we will install plastic barrier on crawl space floor in anticipation of pea gravel delivery.  Also, to be worked on tomorrow are the floor beams and joists.  Between tomorrow and Thursday we will complete the deck flooring.

Tim advise that new safety standards will require all workers to wear hard hats at ALL times.  He is bringing water and ice.  Water  and ice much needed as remaining hydrated is very important.

Bob Duplain


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