Tuesday, June 25, 2019

We had a good crew today. Bob G, regular volunteers Dave and  Steve, new volunteer Bill, myself and a big welcome back to Tom Bishop. Tim and Brian were there for a short time but had to leave to support the Trotwood build on Sandy Dr.

Bob, Tom, Steve, and Bill worked on installing the aluminum fascia on the front of the house. It looks great. I finished framing for the pantry, added some fireblocking and worked on the porch posts.

We had the framing inspection and passed so we are good to go on installing insulation.

The insulation and drywall will be delivered Wednesday. We need to clear the house so the dry wall can be placed in the house. The dry wall upstairs needs to be separated between the 2 bedrooms to minimize overloading, The drywall should be spaced so we can maneuver around the piles for intallation of the ceilings and minimize moving of the drywall stacks..

After the drywall is delivered we can install the window on the front of the house.

Tim will not be on site Wednesday, Tom Bishop plans to be there and I will stop by for a few minutes to help get things started.

Sorry this report is a little late .


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