Tuesday, September 17, 2019

It was a productive day. We had 13 volunteers and 5 Habitat representatives.

 We started by doing a final raking of the site. The sod arrived about 10:30 and we had everything layed in just over an hour.. Unfortunately it was short of meeting our requirements so Tim went and picked up more. and this was layed late in the day. We are still short and Tim will pick up more in the morning. We started watering and the site looks great.

We (Steve) also were able to install the medicine cabinets.

The insulation crew blew in the insulation and we then added the access covers when they were finished.

Dillard electric was there to finish the electrical.

The carpet layers completed the installation and it looks great.

Energy Star was there to conduct a pressure check on the house. Due to the HVAC not being complete and several major leaks we need to fix, we did not pass. We hope to resolve these issues tomorrow. Retesting may be an issue.

A big thanks to all who participated today. A major job was very manageable with so many capable hands.

The next 2 days will be a challenge to complete all of the final items which are :

1) Finish the last sod laying

2) Install the door for the linen cabinet

3) install the light bulbs in the kitchen

4) Caulk all the counter tops.

5) Rehang all the doors in the carpetted areas. This may require trimmming of the doors.

6) Check all areas for caulking and touch up painting

7) Install PVC trim in downstairs shower area.

8) Thoroughly vacuum the carpetted areas.

9) Wash the floors in all areas  with hard flooring.

10) Finish HVAC installation

11) Plant shrubs along the rear walk.

I am sure I have missed some but as you can see our list is getting shorter but my goal is to have everything done by Friday noon.

Also, The dedication is Saturday and I hope everyone can make it. This is such a deserving family and I hope you can share in the joy of the day.


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