Tuesday, September 18, 2018

We had 6 of us today. Tom B., Bob Swab,  Ron E, Janet E,   Dave D. and myself.

We were able to complete or make significant progress toward on the following items:

1- The access to the attic in the garage was completed

2- The last kitchen cabinet was hung.

3- The front door was repainted.

4- The trim around the base of the porch post was caulked and painted.

5- One of the interior door was repainted

6- The wire racks were installed in the linen closet, above the washer dryer and 2 shelves in the pantry

7- The deck railings in the back were installed.

8- The drywall cover over the hole behind the tub was sanded remudded and then remudded again.  I think a last light sanding and we can paint.

9- Scraped and cleaned the bathroom floor. We will need to sand and do a final vaccum  before we lay the floor.

We did not receive any flooring. Bill will have Tim get the proper medicine cabinet so we can hopefully install tomorrow.

Overall a very productive day, I requested that Habitat get us some rakes so we can begin prepping the beds.


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