Tuesday, September 25, 2018

We had a great group of eight from Chase Bank along with Ken E.,Tom B. Tim, and I. And despite the drizzle and mud had a great day.

The following was accomplished:

The two storm doors were purchased and installed.

The crew did an excellent job touching up paint, cleaning cabinets after the plumbing,and other cleaning as needed.

The shelves in the bedroom were installed and caulked.

The vanity was secured to the wall.

The cabinet gap was filled.

The stove duct cover was installed.

The mail box was installed.

The sidewalk edging was completed.

The garage wall was sanded but not re-mudded.

A lot if effort was put fork to clean the dropped paint and drywall mud off the garage floor and driveway. More work needed.

Tim and Ken picked up the landscape plants,compost and mulch in the morning and  after lunch the Bank crew spread compost and mulch and planted all the donated plants.   Yes it was a bit muddy but it looks great.

We were approved on our plumbing inspection.

Need electric and HVAC yet. 

Carter picked up the damaged cabinet and delivered a ceiling fan for the great room.

 It is still planned to lay Sod on Thursday.  Correct?  WE NEED LOTS OF HELP. 

No work is scheduled for tomorrow

   Jerry Shell

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