Tuesday, September 3, 2019

On site today were regulars:  Steve, Bob S., Ken, Tom, and myself.

Accomplishments included:

All doors have been hung, including the slider closet doors.  The slider doors need to be mitered at the bottom to clear the baseboard and the larger round finger cups need to be installed.  Ken will bring his drill to do the later.

All baseboard and door trim has been installed, except for a small portion of the hall where the flooring is not complete and except for the laundry room, which is not started.

The plank flooring is 95% complete, about 5 feet of the hall remains to be done.  Bill to deliver more material.   A great job by Steve.  

All trim and baseboard that has been installed has the nails covered and caulking as appropriate.  Bob Swab to be thanked for his continued efforts on this.

Front shutters have been installed, both upper and lower.  Really makes the house look finished.

A load of gravel was dumped in the car pad spot.  Bill, the pile looks like three to four yards, which seems like about half of what we need.  I asked Bill to call Synergy to spread this and additional material that may be needed.

The house was measured for carpet today.

Ken cut a trim piece for the right stair case.  With caulking it will look fine.  He will bring a saw to cut the left side.

Linoleum for the bathrooms and the laundry room to be delivered on Thursday.

See Ken’s punch list for other priorities.

Bob Duplain

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