Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Progress continued today on Sandy Drive. Janet showed up and painted a bunch of doors. Ken came and installed jams on six doors. I pulled up the pins and forms from the sidewalk and driveway, then helped Ken. The water was turned on.

Consensus is that there is no need to 2nd coat the casing and baseboard, as they will be touched up again after installing. So there are 6/7 doors ready for the 2nd coat, and many, especially closet doors, that need 2 coats. ( the pantry door needs a 2nd coat, and the utility doors need 2 coats – they are up inside. )

Door case can be installed, then base, but at 3:15 there was no nailing equipment to do so. Ken may be able to be there Wed., and would bring his nailer, but that’s not for sure.

Ice is again an important item – there is still water.

Bob Gray

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