Wednesday, August 1, 2018

On site today was Tim, Jerry, Ron E., Ken, Janet and myself.

Inspector arrived about 10:10AM and noted three items to complete in order to pass inspection:  additional bracing for all three gable ends, reinstall the bathroom fan to take out air flow kinks, install blocking on both left and right sides of the garage top plates.  Gable end bracing and bathroom fan kinks were corrected today.  Blocking on sides of garage was started and will be completed tomorrow.  A new inspection is tentatively scheduled for Friday.

Blocking for towel racks was completed in the bathroom.

The front sidewalk was framed with gravel added and dirt backfilled against the sides.  The driveway was framed on the left side.  Right side and street side have not be completed.  Tim brought the Bobcat from Habitat and moved gravel and dirt to expedite this task.  Tomorrow final touches of the gravel, dirt backfill and framing can be completed.

Tim was also able to back fill the trench for the electric line.  Electricity can now be connected to the house.  Tim to call.

Energy inspector made a visit to review insulation.  Friday afternoon and Saturday should be adequate to complete insulation if framing inspection happens on Friday morning.  Energy inspector will come back to the house on Monday as he has a key.

Drywall is still not ready to start, but it is getting close.

Bob Duplain

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