Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Our crew today included six folks,  Tim and Steve Young (new Habitat leader), two folks from Manco Services (both had helped with drywall in July), a St Alberts individual, and myself. 

Shed doors were fabricated and installed.  Stationery pin needs to be installed in the fixed door, which Tim will purchase.  The shed is locked and the key is on the house key ring in the POD.

Six hinged doors have been installed in the house. I believe that the back upstairs bedroom door is too tight and needs to be adjusted.                                                                                                                    

 All the slider doors have been painted two coats.  All trim has been painted two coats except for the long baseboard pieces on the floor on the right and left sides of the house.  We ran out of paint, but Tim is to get another gallon.  Other painting to be done:  shed doors (do not paint the black hinges), exterior doors need another coat, and all hinged doors have no paint.

The current dumpster is to be hauled away tomorrow and a smaller one put in its place.  All the scrap OSB on the side of the dumpster was trashed except for three full size pieces.  The dumpster was full.  The three pieces on the ground should be loaded into the new dumpster.  Once we get the new dumpster, the yard needs to be cleaned of all debris as the grading will be done shortly. 

We need to save some wood beside the shed to form our concrete walks and car pad.  

The POD is to be cleaned out.  Some materials can be returned to Habitat, some items can be put in the locked shed (we have already put our wheel barrow and concrete tools in the shed), and some items should go into the house.  

We have the cabinet layout, so this work can start as well. 

Confirmed with Tim today that flooring is as follows:  bathrooms and laundry room are linoleum, all bedrooms are carpet, the upstairs hall is carpet as are the steps to upstairs,  the great room, kitchen, and downstairs hall are the plank vinyl.

Thanks to Roger and Ken for taking my shift tomorrow.

Bob Duplain

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