Wednesday, August 21, 2019

On site today were  Bob Swab, Tom, Steve, and myself.

Accomplishments included:

Closet shelf brackets were repositioned. 

Kitchen cabinets were taken out of the boxes and positioned per the layout.  Priority to get these installed so that plank flooring can commence from the front door thru the kitchen.

Dillard stopped by and was going to do electrical work, but they talked for a few minutes and left.  Carter picked up excess siding and vinyl trim and the lower bathroom cabinet.  Bill or Tim will fabricate a bathroom counter that will hold onto the wall with cleats.

Baseboard was installed in the second bedroom.  Baseboard was caulked in both upstairs bedrooms.  Note..we need more caulking tubes and we need the compound for filling nail holes and sanding blocks

Window sills were cut for all down stairs rooms except the kitchen.  We have enough material to do the kitchen, but not enough for the two upstairs bedrooms. Need a board about 80 inches long.

Cleaned the living room in preparation for laying the plank flooring.  Moved materials and scraped and swept the floor.

Monday, August 26 the lot is to be graded.  After that time we can put up forms for the concrete walks and car pad.

Friday, September 13, the energy testing will be done.


Paint all doors a second coat.  Paint the furnace room door and the shed door two coats.

Install kitchen cabinets.

Start plank flooring.

Note on materials needed to keep work flow moving forward:  caulking, compound to cover nails, sanding blocks, window sill board for two upstairs bedrooms and, linoleum and subfloor materials. 

Bob Duplain

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