Wednesday, August 28, 2019

On site today was Steve, Tom, Bob S., and myself.

Accomplishments included:

Approximately 50% of the living room plank floor was completed.  We discovered that we had three different patterns of flooring.  Bill took the two incorrect types back to Habitat and brought eleven more boxes of the Rustic.  We may not have enough material as we returned 23 boxes and he brought back 11 boxes as replacements.  In total we have 22 boxes of material.

The electrical hole by the stairs has been repaired (first coat).  The living room outlet box has been repaired.  We do have repair materials as Bill made a trip to Lowes to get supplies.

Two doors were hung.  The pantry door and the back closet in bedroom three.  Bedroom three door needs to be reviewed for correctness.

Misc. work was done on covering holes and caulking.  Not completed by a long shot.

Synergy came out and dug the car pad and leveled the entire yard.  The mound is gone in the front and the front sidewalk has been dug.  They were not scheduled to do the front sidewalk, but sometimes if you ask, you receive.  Bill told us today that the concrete work will be done by Habitat, not subcontracted.  

Ken will be filling in for me tomorrow with a great list of volunteers.  Have fun and get a lot of work done.

Bob Duplain

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