Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Volunteers today included Steve, Tom B., my wife (Donna) and myself.

At the end of a long day today and including the work of yesterday, all of the interior has one coat of paint with two exceptions: the kitchen has two coats and the upper part of the stairs has no paint.  It looks great and will look even better with the second coat, that should commence tomorrow.

Steve and Tom worked on the shed.  Two corner strips are on and the soffit on three sides is complete.  Steve will be working on the shed tomorrow.

Roger paid a surprise visit shortly before the end of the day and showed us why he is the expert on brush cleaning.  Great job Roger,  and much needed cleaning after two days of painting.

Carter Lumber made two deliveries: one was doors and trim boards and two was cabinets, lights, hardware, etc.  We have plenty of material and work to deliver this job to the end.

Another surprise visit was from Tiffany and two of her daughters: Destiny and Delany.  These folks had not been in the house since drywall.  They were surprised and elated.  The fourth grader could not wait to see her room.   She could not get over the size of her room and the size of  her closet.  The mother was so gracious to  Habitat and CtBS.  This visit made the day for Donna and I.

A final visit was from Bill.  He asked about scheduling the dedication.  I suggested either September 14 or September 21, both Saturdays with a preference for September 14.  He said that dedications are always during the week.  I believe that the dates are doable, if we push for completion.  I also believe that CtBS dedications have been on Saturdays.  Roger and Ken, should finalize a date with Bill.

Bob Duplain

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