Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Group included Ctbs (Janet, Al, Ken, myself)  and Habitat (Steve, Belinda, Dave, Tim).

Drywall was started inside the house today with ceilings taking priority.  Living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and bathroom ceilings completed.  Strip was left open in the living room to accommodate electrical wiring in the ceiling that was missed on the prints.   Lots of work to do!!

Driveway apron was inspected.  I did not hear the verdict, but Tim is bringing the Bobcat tomorrow to expedite.

Company that donated the windows payed a visit to take pictures.  I expressed our gratitude for this year and prior years donations.  Terry(homeowner) payed a visit and was pleased to see drywall.

Tim will bring two cases of water as our supply is all in the coolers.

Bob Duplain

Evening Group:

We had myself and 4 other members of K of C council 12912.

We installed the green wall board in the bathroom, around the washer and dryer area and on the 2 walls in the kitchen. We also installed the ceiling drywall in the garage hallway and the washer dryer area.

The back bedroom is now clear of drywall and the ceiling drywall can be installed.

Excellent crew was able to accomplish much.


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