Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Six volunteers today:   Two from Manco and Four regulars, Steve, Tom, Dave D., and myself

Activities included:

Ceiling and wall drywall downstairs.  Ceilings in two bedrooms and kitchen completed.  Front wall in living room almost complete.

Brewer Plumbing returned to move the air exhaust pipe in the rear lower roof.  (Tim installed the boot on the exhaust pipe yesterday.)  The current exhaust pipe is four feet from the upstairs window and code requires six feet from a window.  A new exhaust pipe has been installed leaving the old pipe and boot in place so that no moisture will get into the house.  The old pipe will have to be removed and the roof repaired.

Mike Traen from Certified Energy Raters did our Energy Star inspection.  He liked what he saw and commented that he could find nothing to complain about.

Jerry Shell visiting with his daughter and family.  He looks good but is in some pain.  Said he really misses not being able to work with us.  He remains optimistic with his treatments and ultimately surgery.

A lady from Central Presbyterian Church, who reads our social media, visited us.   Her last name was Settler and she does habitat work domestically  and  internationally like Jerry and Karen.  I encouraged her to put a group together and join the fun at Pease Avenue.

Drywall remains the name of the game.  The siding on the front porch could be completed to put the siding into the finished list.

Bob Duplain

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