Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What a difference a week makes!!  Great weather, no rain and low humidity…..crew included 4 Ctbs and 2 Habitat volunteers.  Tim in and out making runs to Lowes and Habitat. (It is a great help to keep workers fully supplied with materials and tools.)

Accomplishments included filling the porch with pea gravel and reinstalling the concrete frame to accommodate a smaller step from the house,  installing the shower/tub and insulation behind it, caulking the  central house duct channel with fire retardant caulking, sanding and second coat of mudding on the utility room,  bird boxes mainly completed, soffit and channel installed front of house and left side of garage.  Rough plumbing was started.  Furnace  work to begin late this week or early next week.  Electrical to start early next week.  Concrete for front porch and garage being arranged.

Priorities include:  utility room to be sanded, painted and flooring installed to accommodate furnace,  pea gravel to be spread in garage to allow pouring of concrete,  complete siding on east side of house above great room,  wood for rear deck is on site.

Plenty of water is on site.  Ice is always needed.

Bob Duplain

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