Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Volunteers today included Steve, Dave D., Tom, and myself.  Tim was on site for part of the day, but was not feeling well.

We completed the upstairs stairwell drywall down to the floor joists. We disassembled the support system.  Both upstairs closets were finished as was the cold air return chute.

There is a lot of drywall yet to complete this phase of our house:  both upstairs and downstairs bathrooms, upstairs hall including ceiling,  lower staircase, missing piece in dining room, and south wall upstairs in the north bedroom.   After all drywall is installed, we need to check all walls  for screws at the proper depth, the correct number of screws, and small missing pieces.  The windows need to be foamed before we turn the house over to the mudders.  Finally the house will need to be cleaned of all debris so that the mudders have room to work.  

The electric line in the wall between the kitchen and the dining room is be pushed through the kitchen wall next to the floor and left coiled on the floor.  

The drywall on the south living room wall next to the staircase may have outlets covered.

The shed package is to be delivered tomorrow.  

Tim will be delivering the brake to complete the front trim.

Tim will remove the extra air exhaust in the lower rear roof and repair.

Two volunteers signed up for tomorrow, progress accordingly.

Bob Duplain

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