Wednesday, July 24, 2019

By now you’ve received word the jobsite is on hold pending the drywall finishing.  I stopped there midday today with Bob DuPlain and Bill Thompson, and the dry wall contractor had someone there installing the window  drywall and the metal edges.  With our valued window donor Decunick scheduled for 8 volunteers on Saturday, and not much to do I asked Krissy to contact them about rescheduling or moving to the Trotwood women’s build site or rescheduling.  They chose the Trotwood site for Saturday, so I am travelling with them to Tim Jordan’s site.  Anyone else available would be welcomed to come to keep the Decunick  folks busy.  The West Pease site will be closed on the Volunteer hub until Saturday, August 3. 

Volunteers today included Tom Bishop and myself.

With no drawings to build the shed and work inside almost nonexistent, Tom and I cleaned two truckloads of supplies and equipment and returned same to Habitat.  Gone is the extra window, insulation, drywall lift, roofing clips, hardhats, etc.  Back bedroom is cleared of extra stuff and you can walk to the back of the POD.   

House looks great clean, but this won’t last.  Western Ohio Drywall started the corner bead and window strips.  They will finish tomorrow and mudding will begin no later than Saturday.  Allow one week for mudding, drying, etc.  The inside of the knee closet on top of the stairs did not have drywall on the inside of the door and this was completed.

Talked to Bill and Tim about the shred.  Ken is to come early tomorrow for shred construction.  Walls are to be 7 feet tall, two doors of 30 inches facing the house, 2×4 walls two feet off center.  After the shed is complete, there will be limited work until mudding is complete.

The house passed the drywall inspection.  Next inspection for construction is final inspection.  

Bob Duplain

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