Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Today it was Tim and I.

We added the insulation around the rim board in the crawl space.  Tim applied sealer around the electrical, cable and telephone wires so we should have no leaks at these locations. We also extended the drainage tile so the entire lot could be graded.

Synergy was there grading the lot. They will also open a trench so the main power line can be installed.

We do have power at the pole.

The plumbing inspection is planned for tomorrow. Tim feels the earliest we can have the framing inspection is next week.

The concrete pour for  the porch and garage is planned for Friday.

Once again we are at a delay point. No work tomorrow and Friday. Saturday is still on. They hope to be able to do porch posts, and railings on Saturday.

Hopefully we can be full go by middle of next week.


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