Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Month of June is finished and the CtBS house is making great progress.  Today we passed insulation inspection and gas line inspection.  We are ready to start drywall!!

Today no volunteers signed up, but I asked Dave D., and Tom B., to help me finish taping before our inspection at 2:00 PM.  Dave and Tom left at 11:00 and I stayed for the inspection.  Special thanks to you both as I know you had other priorities.  

Activities today:

Brewer completed the drain on the upstairs shower and readied the gas line for inspection.  I asked Carl Brewer about a support for the upstairs toilet water line and he said the drywall will be an adequate hold.  I believe a small nail will hold the line to a joist.

Synergy came out with a backhoe and covered the electric line to the house.  This is a fine company and so responsive.  I asked the operator to give special thanks to Jared (President).

Dave, Tom and I finished the taping and foaming in various spots, and then a general cleaning of the house.  Tom and I jumped into the dumpster and rearranged trash from other sites to make more room.  A nine foot dumpster should be adequate for our needs.  Pieces of insulation, scrap wood pieces, etc. all hit the dumpster.  I removed all loose wood from the ceiling of floor one.  Tools we will not be using have been returned to the POD.

The roof flange has NOT been installed in the right back bedroom roof.  This must be completed prior to drywall in this room.

The WC inspector said the “nailing” requirement for drywall is every 12 inches.

Everyone have a great INDEPENDENCE DAY, enjoy the time off, and see you soon.

Bob Duplain

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