Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Attendees included all those listed for Tuesday plus Ron and Dave Deger.

Work completed was installation of the center beam and all joists, including the modifications for the bathroom plumbing and the closet access to the crawl space.  Pea gravel was blown in and leveled in the crawl space on top of a vapor barrier.  A drainage pipe was installed around the perimeter of the house.  Johnny completed all block work and has left the site.

Tomorrow or Friday inspection is to occur for all work completed to date.  Prior to inspection we will fill the trench around the house with pea gravel and set up the tent for blitz week starting on Saturday.  After inspection we will begin to install the flooring on top of the joists so that the walls can begin promptly on Saturday.  Rick W. and Norm M. know how critical the timely completion of the inspection is and they  have been involved to expedite the proper authorities.

Bob Duplain

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