Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Its amazing to see the progress on this years build. Today we had Tim, (thank you Habitat for keeping him there today) Steve A and Jamie, Rick I, Jerry S, Karen K, Ron E. John O Dave D, and myself.

We were able to finish setting the last trusses and adding the last of the roof sheathing. Big Kudos to Tim, Steve and Jamie for their efforts. We also have begun adding the sheeting on the upper sides of the gable and the garage. The area by the porch and the front of the garage are complete.

Rod K has nearly completed the stairs to the crawl space and Bob S has been making great progress on caulking all of the outside walls. Karen and Ron added the last of the OSB around the base of the house.

Tomorrow our focus will be on getting the facia boards and the ladders in place so the house is ready for the roofers on Friday AM. This will require we get the siding on the 2 large gables first thing in the morning. Tomorrow evening we will have the first evening crew to finalize the preparation for the roofers.

The siding, tub and doors have been delivered. The windows and foam board should be there tomorrow.

The level of volunteer support has been outstanding. We are very near our normal progress. The switch from Memorial Day Weekend Blitz has not had a major impact on our progress to date.

A very big thank you for our core crew who has been there for the last 9 days.

Ken E

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