Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Day 5 of Blitz Week

Minor amount of rain in early morning, eleven volunteers and lots of progress.  


Water guard on front and rear gable ends above lower roofs

Walls installed around stairs, closet and bath–first floor

Sheating installed on front gable end

Facia installed on east and west sides

ROOF sheating on the west side completed.

To Do;

Complete blue board (supply to arrive tomorrow)

Build and install second floor walls

Wrap house in Tyvek.

Facia and ladders on upper roof–front and rear.

Install windows.

With sheating on roof, Enterprise should be able to shingle roof before next week.

Two days left to Blitz Week with plenty of work to do.  Meals are great.  Hope to see you!!

Bob Duplain

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