Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Jerry, Ken and I had the honors of the last “work” day at the Ctbs 2018 house build.  The house looks great and everyone who has been associated with this build should feel proud of completing a  spectacular house for Terry and her family.  Thank you to the entire team that made this happen.

Accomplishments today included:  interior doors were cut to fit the carpet height and guides were installed,  kitchen led light was installed, exterior doors sills were cleaned, garage was cleaned and organized, sod was thoroughly soaked, and carpet protector was laid.

For the rest of this week:  Appliances are to be delivered on Thursday,  Ken will be at the house on Thursday for watering the sod, and Jerry/Karen will be responsible for watering the sod on Friday.

Bill,  the sod provider should be notified to pick up their pallets located on the front east side of the house.

I saw the neighbor behind us as I was watering the sod and she complimented us on the appearance of the house.  I asked her if she was coming to the open house and she was not aware of our Saturday event.  I invited her and said it would be a good time to meet Terry.  (It would seem to make sense to invite all neighbors to this event to welcome Terry to the neighbor and learn more about Habitat.)

Bob Duplain

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