Wednesday, September 18, 2019

On site today were seven regulars (Ken, Roger, Tom, Steve, Max, Jim, and myself) and one volunteer from ManCo.

Accomplishments included:

Porch posts wrapped.

All doors trimmed to accommodate carpet, slides installed on closet doors and realigned.

Flooring by bottom of stairs redone to eliminate open snap joint.

Storm door on side installed.

Work on bathroom linen closet.

Misc. caulking and painting of walls and trim.

Outside faucet added by kitchen window.

Detmer, Brewer, Dillard and Energy Star were all on site at various times.

To Do:

Lay final sod that is be to delivered.

Upstairs bathroom door needs latch adjustment.

Install front storm door.

Complete linen closet.

Wash windows and install screens.

Mop/vacuum floors.

Water sod and plant side plants (to be delivered).

Needed ASAP:

Dillard to pick up temporary electric pole (service was disconnected today)

Dillard to resolve issue of loose pantry wire for dishwasher.

Need 3 more baseboard door stoppers and 3 more hinge door stoppers.

Need bottled water for workers.  Only have a few bottles left.

Bob Duplain

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