Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The most volunteers that I have seen since Blitz Week!!  Jerry, Bob S., Ken, Al (morning), Tom, and myself for Ctbs and five in the afternoon from PSA.  Thank you, Krissy.

Concrete for the remainder of the driveway and the sidewalk was poured at 1:00PM.  In the morning we removed gravel from the driveway to allow a 6″ pour.  This gravel was leveled in the sidewalk and stored by the POD.

Floors in all the tile and linoleum rooms were sanded and cleaned in preparation for laying floors in the bathroom, laundry room and great room tomorrow.  The bathroom and laundry room will be linoleum while the great room will be the vinyl floating floors.  Material is on site.

The back deck and front spindles were sanded and cleaned in preparation for applying the clear stain.  The back deck was given one complete coating of stain.  Front deck needs its first coat.

The garage was cleaned of sawdust and dirt and all materials were stored on the west wall.  Drywall was installed on the front of both the west and east sides  of the garage.  Code required that we have drywall covering the wires from the panel box.

The yard was raked and a large number of rocks were added to the dumpster.  The condition of the lot is the best that I have seen since the beginning of my Habitat days.  Some soil was added to the front planting area, but more would be helpful.  The planting area in front of the house should be marked for delivery of plants and shrubs.

House numbers were installed on the front porch column.

Holes were bored in the cabinet above the stove for the vent pipe.

Towel racks were installed in the bathroom.

Bob Duplain


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