Wednesday, September 4, 2019

On site today were regulars (Steve, Tom, Dave, and Myself), ten Golden Hammers, and two ladies from Centerville (Judy and Laura)

Accomplishments included:

Golden Hammers led by Tim framed the front stoop and walk, the broken front sidewalk, the side stoop and walk to the car pad, and the sides of the car pad.  The alley side of the car pad is not complete and requires more 2×6 wood, the house side of the car pad is cut but not installed.  Tim said leave the front and rear frames of the car pad open until Synergy spreads the gravel.  He expects concrete to be poured next week.

Judy and Laura washed all windows inside and out, cleaned the upstairs shower, scraped the upstairs floor and swept it and assisted with misc, painting and nail holes.

Steve finished the plank flooring, and did work on the cabinets with molding and baseboard.

Tom, Dave and I finished the hall trim and baseboard, completed the pantry trim and baseboard (after purchase of a trim piece), painted the knee wall closet door and trim twice, and covered misc. nails and wall blemishes. 

Detmer was called by Tim to finished the furnace/air conditioner work ASAP.

Lineolem is on site with trowel (Tim’s) and cement.   Spread the cement as THIN as possible.

Great progress with a lot of hands…the punch list is getting smaller.

Bob Duplain

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