2020 Partner Family

The Christal Works Family

Christal Works is a hardworking mom, struggling to raise her three children, Cheyanne, Anyelah, and Orenthal (Manny). After struggling for many years to provide a secure home for her children, Christal found she and her children living in her mother’s small home along with other relatives. Her son, Manny, did not have a room of his own and would often have to sleep on the couch. She was at her wits end when she was encouraged by her sister-in-law, Volanda Brice to apply to the homeownership program at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton. Her Sister-In-Law is a Habitat homeowner and knew how homeownership could turn Christal’s life around.
Christal applied to be a part of Dayton Habitat’s Homeownership program and was accepted in 2015. She immediately began to attend classes and putting in her volunteer hours. During this time, she has worked in the ReStore as well as working on more than one home building site. Helping to build a home for another Habitat partner family was a completely new experience for Christal. However, Christal is no stranger to hard work and determination. Christal holds down two jobs to pay her bills and provide for her family, including working in transportation for the Dayton Public School system.
Becoming a homeowner is a dream come true for Christal as well as for her children. Asked what the family was looking forward to the most about their new home, they quickly answered…a home of our own, privacy, and a place to have family gatherings. You can guess what Manny wanted: a room of his own. The two girls were just fine sharing a room, just as they always have. These are all things that we commonly take for granted. However, when having a secure and safe home of your own is a real struggle, they are things that you can only dream of. Here at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton, we are excited to be able to do our part in helping Christal and her children achieve their homeownership dreams.