2021 Partner Family

The Saadia Koko Family

When the Koko family first moved to the United States from the Sudan in 2006, the family was really struggling. The family needed to find a home, employment, transportation, and more. Home sickness was a constant tug at their hearts. To make matters worse, none of them spoke English. Life sometimes seems to turn from bad to worse as The Koko’s divorced and mom, Saadia, and her three daughters learned to become Americans on their own.

The girls quickly became skilled in English and made friends in school while Saadia took on a full-time job at Fuyao Glass America. Still, the family struggled financially.

The four of them are very proud to now be US citizens. However, they long to have a home of their own. Over the years they have been forced to move from a house to a small apartment. With the move, they had to change school systems and the girls had to start all over again with new classes and new friends.

The location of their new Habitat home is within their current school system and they will not have to start all over again.  While their older sister has moved out on her own, keeping their friends and classmates is important to sisters, Aya and Kare. What else are the sisters looking forward to in their new home? More space and the ability to play their music loud without disturbing their neighbors. I would say these girls are definitely American teenagers now.

The Koko family’s Habitat home will give them the financial security and housing stability that they currently lack. However, it will also allow them to complete the dream that started many years ago on another continent, half a world away.