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November 15, 2021

It is with heavy heart that we announce that Catch the Building Spirit (CtBS) will close its operations and will not build a house in 2022.

The efforts of Catholic and Presbyterian Church’s and volunteers has been significant in social outreach to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton (HfHGD) partner families. CtBS has earned an outstanding reputation with Habitat for Humanity and was pleased to receive recognition for excellence at the state of Ohio Habitat level.

The decision to close and dissolve the organization was difficult and came after much prayer and consideration of multiple issues. The Board of Trustees is proud of the many contributions our organization has made to the community, but circumstances over the last few years have made it increasingly difficult to maintain our activities and meet our goals.

Accomplishments over the last 29 years:

  • We have helped thirty families with a new home.
  • Over 120 family members directly impacted, and another 100-200 extended family impacted.
  • Over 100,000 Volunteer Hours performed by 7500 different volunteers.
  • Catch the Building Spirit has provided an estimated value of $2.6 million dollars in home value to our area families in labor, materials, and cash donations.
  • Materials:

Thirty new front doors

Nine hundred gallons of paint applied

40,000 square feet of flooring

90,000 nails hammered

We wish to thank everyone for your support in financial donations, providing meals, volunteer hours working on the homes, in-kind donations and your prayers of support.

The support of Pastors and parishioners in Catholic and Presbyterian Church’s has been a sign of God’s support for our mission to provide affordable housing to Habitat partner families. While we regret the current state of our organization being unable to continue, we are proud of what we have accomplished and the fine relationship we enjoy with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton.

Although we are dissolving our organization the need for affordable housing remains. We ask that everyone continue your support of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton both financially and through volunteering.


The Trustees of Catch the Building Spirit

Friday, October 22, 2021

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Another fruitful day. We had 4 volunteers and were able to complete most of the baseboard installation and also the stairway hand rails and stair wall cap.

Caulking, touch up paint and installing shelfing and shutters are the main activities.

The house is looking good. 


Saturday, September 11, 2021

Keith and Steve were on site yesterday and 3 volunteers plus Henry and Joy (who started volunteering during 2020 COVID and is a great worker) plus Henry (Saturday regular hoping to build a house someday) plus me  reported.  Partner family member Saadia was there as well.  The three volunteers painted doors and started installing door trim before the nail gun jammed.  Steve didn’t know how to fix it so no more door trim was installed.  I worked with Saadia and we cut cardboard to cover the laminate flooring installed in the entryway and hall, to the kitchen, then bathrooms, then gave her the crash course in cleaning painting equipment.  

The parking pad was poured Friday and looks great as does the sidewalk. I cleaned painting equipment for next week.  The neighbor let me use a hose and that was very helpful.  All but the hallway close doors are installed, and some cabinet pieces and the upstairs vanity are due in this week from Carter lumber.  I talked to Tim on Saturday and he sounds much better.  The tasks are heading to completion – remember I have the window screens in our garage for safe keeping. 

Deacon Roger Duffy

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Another very good day with beautiful weather.

We had 8 volunteers and were able to accomplish the following

   All the base board material has been painted twice

  The concrete forms were removed from the sidewalk and front steps

  Flooring was installed in the laundry and upstairs bath

All the window sills were caulked and painted. Over half of the door trim was caulked and painted.

Most of the doors upstairs have been painted

Tomorrow will be pouring of the parking pad and then installing of door casings and baseboards.

We are making good progress and the house looks good. I forgot to mention that the shutters and downspouts were installed yesterday.

If available, help with the concrete pour would be appreciated.


Saturday, September 4, 2021

Groups from a UD Service Fraternity painted trim and walls on Saturday.  Tim’s friend Jamie was there to cut in rooms and the group painted upstairs walls.  The only unpainted area is the stairway –  and given the height and the need to use a plan to get near the ceiling, I can see why no one has painted it yet.

The kitchen base cabinets are in and the upper cabinets are under the stairs. There are lots of concrete forms in place for the sidewalk pour on Wednesday, so not much painting will likely get done.  The doors are hung and fit well.  I don’t recall seeing closet doors but saw the wire shelving material for closets.

Door trim installation and wall painting will continue this week.  After the steps are poured, posts and railings look like the next step.  Our neighbor to the north told me we could stretch their hose over the fence to clean painting equipment, provided we bring the hose back and shut it off each day.

Deacon Roger Duffy

Thursday, August 26, 2021

The build is progressing well.

The shed has been moved and all of the materials from the house are in the shed or have been returned to habitat. The pump Jacks were also taken down and returned to Habitat.

The gas line was installed and connected to the house.

The drywall finishers are progressing well and i hope will be complete by Tuesday or perhaps Saturday.

This means a thorough cleaning and then painting of the walls can begin.

getting a final grading of the lot and the digging out for the walks and parking pads are tasks which can be done soon.

The front porch still needs the metal facing installed

Thanks for everyone’s help in getting the house to this point.


Saturday, August 21, 2021

With 10 days left in August, I report a lot of progress this week. The underground power line is connected to the grid, so we have power in the laundry room. The temporary pole still is hot and has a meter as does the house.  Much was accomplished this week installing drywall.  6 came today from AFIT and were great workers.  Loyal volunteer Henry came so we had a full crew.  The downstairs drywall had a lot of progress. There are some pieces in the stairwell and under the stairs where the pantry and crawl space entry is. The group cleaned up well leaving a few uncut 4×12 sheets for under the stairs.

The drywall brightens the house and Tim is hoping the finishers can being midweek.  A reminder that the screens are at my house for safe keeping.  After drywall finishing will be lots of painting, then trim.

The AFIT group are very bright young men and women who made me feel very good about the future of our military.  Tim was a busy boy this week.

Thank you,

Deacon Roger Duffy

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Progress continues on the CtBS West Carrolton house. The electrical line has been run to the meter and was buried.  Power has not been connected as of Saturday.  The sewer, water and cable connections have been run.   Water has been connected to a meter so Tim is trying to get an outside faucet connected to have running water on site.

WP AFIT volunteers came Saturday and installed drywall in the front bedroom and the high part of the stairway.  If you work Tuesday, the cut piece in the back bedroom should be the next piece to be installed on the north side of the stairway.  We made a list of things for Carter to pick up.  More drywall this week.  Nice work on the upstairs ceilings.

Roger Duffy

Saturday, August 7, 2021

The heat and humidity didn’t keep work for continuing this week. A crew rented a lift and completed the siding and fascia after installing the last window – and yes the drywall is inside!.  The HVAC, plumbing and electric rough-ins are done and inspections are on tap for next week. Tim and others trenched for the power line, and cleanup work was completed Saturday to install the line.  Most of the surplus sand was used in the trench and some remains for covering the installed line.  The site is very clean with trash, brush and cardboard hauled away Friday and Saturday.

After inspections, it will be time to insulate and then drywall.