Saturday, July 3, 2021

Work continues on the house:

  1. The roof sheathing has tarpaper but isn’t shingled. The Enterprise spiffy mobile dumpster is on site.
  2. The pump jacks are setup on the south side of the house.  Volunteers installed soffit on that side and starter strips for siding.  About 4 rows of siding installed Friday afternoon.
  3. The back deck was framed and decking installed.  Rick Gallagher and Henry finished the decking Saturday.
  4. 4 Volunteers from the Boonshoft School of Medicine Physician Assistant’s program worked hard on siding.  About 1/3 of the south wall needs to be done.
  5. Rick, Henry and I installed second floor house wrap in the wind.  There is wrap for the shed and about a dozen button nails left. 
  6. Ron Koesters simplified my life by pulling a bush out with his big Chevy Duramax, saving my back and lots of digging.  I talked Tim into bringing the trailer and the first rub to South waste dump center ended quickly as they were closed for the Fourth of July holiday.    
  7. Plumbing materials were delivered by Pickerel brothers – thank you!
  8. Brush to about half of the south neighbor house has been cleared.
  9. The porch columns were installed and the roof sheathed.  The stairway is installed.

For next week:

  1. Remember, the jobsite is closed Tuesday July 6 to observe the 4th of July for Construction Superintendents!
  2. Wednesday the trash needs to be hauled to the south Waste center, then all the brush taken to the yard waste recycling.
  3. Second floor windows can be installed.
  4. Siding work continues.
  5. Roof shingles likely to be installed next week.
  6. The final row of house wrap needs to be done – likely when the pumpjacks are installed.

We continue to be blessed with good volunteer turnout, and some kind benefactor who had a dozen Bill’s Doughnuts and a dozen muffins delivered Friday.  Be safe, be hydrated and continue to do good work. 

Roger Duffy

Saturday, June 26, 2021

If you haven’t been to the site recently, much has changed!  Power was connected on Wednesday after we left, so power is on the temp pole. The roof is sheathed, the blueboard is installed (only 1 sheet left over!), taped and house wrap installed on the first floor.  The entry doors were installed and Tim brough locksets for the front and back doors.  All of the first floor windows are installed and the house is secured.  I locked the upstairs ladders with the security cable and padlock – the key is on a zip tie inside the door as is the key for the deadbolt entry doors.

Work completed Saturday:  Dave Groendyk brought the yellow CTBS yard banner and he got busy with a father son team from Brookville framing the porch roof system (see picture).  It has interesting architectural details and will look nice when sheathed and shingled.   One of the surplus bedroom walls was dismantled for 2×6 material for jack studs in the interior walls for the roof framing.  The trusses are installed and it is held up by temporary 2×4 pots.

There are 3 2×6 wall panels for material to build the yard shed or as needed for 2×6 material.

For next week:

  1. Sheath the porch roof, then call Enterprise to say we are ready for shingles. 
  2. Install porch columns – they are in the kitchen area inside the house.
  3. Once the roof is shingled, install the stairs and add a temporary railing.
  4. Install second floor windows. 
  5. Remove extra roof sheathing and ladders.
  6. Help Tim get the pump jacks from downtown.  Install pumpjacks, and then rafter ends with 2×6 material in shed.  Then house wrap for second floor, then windows.
  7. Notify HVAC for rough in.  Then lumber – is this Carl Brewer?
  8. Then Korrect for sewer and water tie in.
  9. Look at stockpiled dirt for way to get a dumpster onsite.
  10. We need the gas generator returned when the pump jacks come out.  Also need 16 penny nails for Tuesday, energy drinks and water.

We have had very good volunteers and their work looks very good.  Be safe, be hydrated.  Thanks for all you do.

Tuesday, June 22,2021

Catch the Building Spirit – Habitat for Humanity House for 2021 – Update 6/21/21

The “blitz”week is over and we have made good progress. The house has both floors built and the roof trusses installed.  Workers completed all the framing for both floors this past week and a crane lifted the roof trusses.  Thank you for Brennen Crane for being so helpful. Work to install roof sheathing will be the next task, along with installing the front porch trusses, and installing foam board and house wrap on the entire perimeter.  The next week will require lots of help so please consider volunteering by going online at

Thursday, June 17, 2021

We completed getting the second floor wall up and setting the truss on top.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

House Kick-off

Saadia Koko and her daughter were very excited to she their future home get started. Saadia drove in a nail to while the girls watched. The girls covered there heads because of all the cicadas flying around.

This year’s house build was dedicated to Jerry Shell and Dave Deger who passed away in the last year. Both were long time members of Catch the Building Spirit.

Friday, June 11, 2021

A very successful day! We finished setting the joist, pass the inspection and were able to lay half of the decking.

Tomorrow we have our official Kick-off at 9 am.

Please join us!

Thursday, June 10, 2021

We completed putting in the beams and started installing the joists. Tomorrow we will try to get all the joist fixed in place, get the work inspected and then start putting down the decking. If all goes well we will be ready to install walls right after the Kickoff on Saturday morning, June 12, at 9 am.

Monday, June 7, 2021

If the weather cooperates the following is the plan for this years deck build and Blitz

    Weds. June 9th thru Friday June 11th –

           Build the Deck

              Install pressure treated plates on outside walls,

              Build and install beam, 

              Install floor joists

              Install decking

           Rebuild panels for the first floor on back of the house 

    Saturday June 12 th thru Friday June 19th 

               Blitz week 

The delays have caused many scheduling problems for many of the regular volunteers, me included. It takes about 6 volunteers each day for the deck build and the number will increase for Blitz week.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

The Tim Johnson construction company had 4 employees on site completing the foundation work on the West Pease site this morning.  I was watching them work when Dave Groendyk arrived with a lawn mower and string trimmer.  Dave and I mowed and trimmed the grass parking space on the alley so there is room for several cars to park head on into the fence.  Dave trimmed up the boulevard and we weed wacked the property  next to the fences. I cut ;low hanging limbs where the walls are stored and  Dave took them to a yard waste drop site.  The lot looks better.

The storage pod is on site  and may have to be moved after the backfill and the wall panels are moved

  1. Next step is pea gravel, then “green crete”, then backfilling.
  2. I assume plastic goes under the green crete, then styro insulation on the inside crawl space walls, and waterproofing the outside of the foundation.
  3. Then the beam material for the beams – there are more than the length of the house, then floor joists.
  4. Due to the delay, both Dave G. and Rick W. aren’t available for the beam and decking.  Watch for daily updates from Ken on when people are needed the week of June 6.

Remember that we can park in the double wide driveway to the West Carrolton salt storage building on Saturdays.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Start of house foundation

Due to the fact that the house foundation is not ready, we will be delaying the start of our Blitz Week till Saturday, June 12 at 9 am.