July 31, 2021

This may be the first house we ever built with out a storage pod or a dumpster!  Thanks to trips to the dump station, the site looks pretty good.  Neighbor Bill is working on a big project at the Darke County Airport.  He offered all the topsoil we need – and then said it’s 1 hour away and you would need a dump truck!.  It does have a flat backyard, and a nifty 10’ x 10” storage shed with a lock on it as of Saturday afternoon.  Materials and ladders not in the house are in the shed. 

For this week:

Fascia aluminum for the shed and the front roof edge will be delivered Tuesday so wear your high work shoes for ladder work.  Siding work on the door side of the shed and trim on the door are tasks for early week.  I can smell the insulation then drywall days coming soon. The Johnson Electric group (Jim Gruden from St. Mary of the Assumption retired from there recently) did a nice job caulking siding the shed and building the doors.

The rough electrical work is done, and the plumbing and HVAC rough ins have started, and may get done this week.

Thanks for so much good work.

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