Saturday, August 21, 2021

With 10 days left in August, I report a lot of progress this week. The underground power line is connected to the grid, so we have power in the laundry room. The temporary pole still is hot and has a meter as does the house.  Much was accomplished this week installing drywall.  6 came today from AFIT and were great workers.  Loyal volunteer Henry came so we had a full crew.  The downstairs drywall had a lot of progress. There are some pieces in the stairwell and under the stairs where the pantry and crawl space entry is. The group cleaned up well leaving a few uncut 4×12 sheets for under the stairs.

The drywall brightens the house and Tim is hoping the finishers can being midweek.  A reminder that the screens are at my house for safe keeping.  After drywall finishing will be lots of painting, then trim.

The AFIT group are very bright young men and women who made me feel very good about the future of our military.  Tim was a busy boy this week.

Thank you,

Deacon Roger Duffy

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