Saturday, June 26, 2021

If you haven’t been to the site recently, much has changed!  Power was connected on Wednesday after we left, so power is on the temp pole. The roof is sheathed, the blueboard is installed (only 1 sheet left over!), taped and house wrap installed on the first floor.  The entry doors were installed and Tim brough locksets for the front and back doors.  All of the first floor windows are installed and the house is secured.  I locked the upstairs ladders with the security cable and padlock – the key is on a zip tie inside the door as is the key for the deadbolt entry doors.

Work completed Saturday:  Dave Groendyk brought the yellow CTBS yard banner and he got busy with a father son team from Brookville framing the porch roof system (see picture).  It has interesting architectural details and will look nice when sheathed and shingled.   One of the surplus bedroom walls was dismantled for 2×6 material for jack studs in the interior walls for the roof framing.  The trusses are installed and it is held up by temporary 2×4 pots.

There are 3 2×6 wall panels for material to build the yard shed or as needed for 2×6 material.

For next week:

  1. Sheath the porch roof, then call Enterprise to say we are ready for shingles. 
  2. Install porch columns – they are in the kitchen area inside the house.
  3. Once the roof is shingled, install the stairs and add a temporary railing.
  4. Install second floor windows. 
  5. Remove extra roof sheathing and ladders.
  6. Help Tim get the pump jacks from downtown.  Install pumpjacks, and then rafter ends with 2×6 material in shed.  Then house wrap for second floor, then windows.
  7. Notify HVAC for rough in.  Then lumber – is this Carl Brewer?
  8. Then Korrect for sewer and water tie in.
  9. Look at stockpiled dirt for way to get a dumpster onsite.
  10. We need the gas generator returned when the pump jacks come out.  Also need 16 penny nails for Tuesday, energy drinks and water.

We have had very good volunteers and their work looks very good.  Be safe, be hydrated.  Thanks for all you do.

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