Saturday, June 5, 2021

The Tim Johnson construction company had 4 employees on site completing the foundation work on the West Pease site this morning.  I was watching them work when Dave Groendyk arrived with a lawn mower and string trimmer.  Dave and I mowed and trimmed the grass parking space on the alley so there is room for several cars to park head on into the fence.  Dave trimmed up the boulevard and we weed wacked the property  next to the fences. I cut ;low hanging limbs where the walls are stored and  Dave took them to a yard waste drop site.  The lot looks better.

The storage pod is on site  and may have to be moved after the backfill and the wall panels are moved

  1. Next step is pea gravel, then “green crete”, then backfilling.
  2. I assume plastic goes under the green crete, then styro insulation on the inside crawl space walls, and waterproofing the outside of the foundation.
  3. Then the beam material for the beams – there are more than the length of the house, then floor joists.
  4. Due to the delay, both Dave G. and Rick W. aren’t available for the beam and decking.  Watch for daily updates from Ken on when people are needed the week of June 6.

Remember that we can park in the double wide driveway to the West Carrolton salt storage building on Saturdays.

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