Saturday, October 10, 2020

On the 112th day of the 2020 build, the site went from a construction site to a home.  Thanks to Ken Enneking and his Knights of Columbus volunteer landscaper Tim for picking up the landscape materials, mulch and topsoil and for planting the plan so well.  Thanks to my council 10215 for the two volunteers who came and worked prepping and laying sod.  Thanks to the EBC engineering club from Wright State University (4 or 5?) who worked so hard and then learned about grant writing from Rick Iacobucci for their club.  Thanks to the CtBS regulars who came and stayed and got the watering started.  We had two pallets of sod left and they were taken by Incarnation volunteer Steve Albers who faithfully helped with all phases of the build.  Thanks to Tim Jordan who returned the pallets to donor Green Prairie sod near Hueston Woods, leaving the site very clean. Thanks to all who will continue to water in the sod and landscape materials – please sign up to soak the sod for the next two weeks.  The porch is a very comfortable place to read while you wait. Let Ken and I know if you can help.

The weather was perfect, the help superb and the results – well look for yourself at the pictures!

Roger Duffy

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