Saturday, September 11, 2021

Keith and Steve were on site yesterday and 3 volunteers plus Henry and Joy (who started volunteering during 2020 COVID and is a great worker) plus Henry (Saturday regular hoping to build a house someday) plus me  reported.  Partner family member Saadia was there as well.  The three volunteers painted doors and started installing door trim before the nail gun jammed.  Steve didn’t know how to fix it so no more door trim was installed.  I worked with Saadia and we cut cardboard to cover the laminate flooring installed in the entryway and hall, to the kitchen, then bathrooms, then gave her the crash course in cleaning painting equipment.  

The parking pad was poured Friday and looks great as does the sidewalk. I cleaned painting equipment for next week.  The neighbor let me use a hose and that was very helpful.  All but the hallway close doors are installed, and some cabinet pieces and the upstairs vanity are due in this week from Carter lumber.  I talked to Tim on Saturday and he sounds much better.  The tasks are heading to completion – remember I have the window screens in our garage for safe keeping. 

Deacon Roger Duffy

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