Thursday, May 28, 2020

Due to the corona virus CtBS could not commit to sponsoring a full build. We are going to be involved with the build but not to the extent we have in the past.

1) We will be limiting our financial support since many of the churches are having issues with reduced donations.

2) Because many of our leaders are in the high risk category we will not be providing house leaders this year.

3) We will ask our in-kind donors to support the build.

4) Individual volunteers must decide if they are comfortable working at the build site. All volunteers will be asked to wear a mask and maintain safe distancing. No one should work if they aren’t comfortable or exhibit symptoms.

5) Signing up thru Habitat is crucial since they are limiting the number of volunteers. The current level is 6 people. This may increase as the economy is opened. You will also need to sign in with your temperature daily.

6) The closure has resulted in a delayed start on the build. They have started on the footers but the foundation walls have yet to be laid. Habitat has a tentative date of June 20 for the kick-off.

We have committed to fully support the building of the deck. This will probably be late the week of June7th or early the week of the 15th. For those who can help on the deck please keep this time open.

7) We will be using wall panels that Habitat had in storage. We agreed to assist in moving the panels. The current target for this move is Monday evening June 15th. If anyone can help or has friends with strong backs who can help please let me know and make sure they are signed in at Habitat.

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