Tuesday, October 20, 2020

It was a very good day at the site. We had Bob DuPlain, Rick Iacobucci, Ron Koesters, Ron Earhart, Steve Albers and Super painter Chris and myself. I had asked about sending help at Clayton but was informed that they had the volunteer quota for that site. Bob and Rob E went to the other Sandy drive house to install insulation. The remainder of us worked on the house and accomplished the following:

     All of the trim around the cabinets was installed

     Remaining doors were hung

     Casing was installed on the garage side of the door to the house.

     Bathtub was cleaned

     Light fixture was installed in the bathroom

     Door hardware was installed on many of the doors

     Remaining closet doors were trimmed to match base boards

     Final touch up paint was completed on much of the house.

     Installed paneling to cover exposed wires by the main panel box.

Main items to be completed.

     Caulk around the countertops in the bath and kitchen

     Caulk the base of the tub

     Caulk the base of the front, rear and garage doors

     Caulk the outside of the rear door.

     Correct the issue of the front closet doors not matching the opening

     Build and install the steps in the garage.

     Install the medicine cabinet

     Conitinue with final touch up paint

     Clean, clean and clean

     Improve wiring to the vent hood.

     And more to come.

We are approaching completion and need to finish the final details.


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