Get involved!
To Volunteer to work at our house site go through Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton
  • Go to the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton Website to signup as a volunteer
  • Scroll down the volunteer page to find the Catch the Building Spirit house build and a date to volunteer for

To put together a Youth Group project contact:

The Volunteer Coordinator at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton

Phone: (937) 586-0860  ext. 129

Email:  volunteer@dayonhabitat.org

Other Ways to Get Involved With “Catch the Building Spirit”:
  • Workers with special building skills, to work as house leaders one day week
  • Workers who can teach and lead volunteers in building
  • Workers to help build the house (no experience necessary)
  • Coordinator for lunches during the first week of building
  • Secretary – 8 monthly meetings a year
  • Fund Raisers
  • Fund Raiser at your church
  • Newsletter Editor (twice a year)
  • Facebook, Twitter, etc. Writer
  • Webpage Master
  • Photographer

For more information please contact:

Hank Baust


Home:  937-429-0360

Cell:  937-546-0085